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Importance of a Clean Kitchen and How to Maintain It

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Your kitchen is the heart of your home. It’s where food is made that’s why it is a natural assumption that it should be spick and span all the time. A dirty and unorganized kitchen can attract lots of miscreants – from cockroaches and rats that can attack all your food supplies no matter where you try to hide them to the microscopic germs, which are not visible to the human eye yet very harmful to our health. A dirty kitchen can also breed bacteria that can cause contamination to the food you prepare and can sometimes lead to illnesses and poisoning. Therefore, keeping your kitchen sparkling clean is very important to you as well as your family. In this article, we have listed very helpful guidelines on how to maintain the cleanliness of your kitchen at all times.


  • Have two cutting boards in your kitchen. One for cutting poultry and raw meats and the other one for cutting vegetables. In addition to that, it’s also a good idea to separate knives for meats and vegetables. Also, you can choose plastic chopping boards since they are way easier to dry and clean compared to wooden chopping boards that are often porous as well as tend to keep moisture.
  • Wash your aprons, oven mittens and kitchen towels regularly. You have no idea how much dirt and germs can accumulate in dirty clothes if you haven’t cleaned it for months. If possible, you can also use a disinfectant as well as wash them thoroughly in hot water in order to get rid of the germs properly
  • Maintain a cleaning schedule for the appliances in your kitchen. Come up with a monthly schedule as well as do a deep and thorough cleaning of all the appliances in your kitchen. A lot of people neglect this task, making the kitchen appliances the hotspots for debris and bacteria to accumulate. Particularly, ovens get greasy over time, which means you should put in on the top of your priority list.
  • Make sure that the trash can in your kitchen is always close and emptied in a regular manner, most especially if you throw food wastes in them. Certainly, you do not want to leave stinking and rotting food inside your kitchen, as it can definitely be the primary breeding area for all kinds of insects and bacteria. In addition to that, it is also imperative that you wash your trash bin at least once every week.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits thoroughly. One handy tip is that you soak your vegetables or fruits in some water mixed with sea salt. Let it sat there for at least half an hour and after that, wash the fruits or vegetables in running water before you use them. The sea salt actually helps in removing any traces of pesticides, insecticide or fertilizers, which can be coating them.
  • Always make sure that you are able to clean your refrigerator and kitchen cabinets periodically. Throw out any expired products or other stuffs that smell off. In addition to that, you must not risk using stale foods as it is just not risk worthy. Aside from that, you should also be extra careful when it comes to dairy products and meats as these can easily spoil. If you are not if something has gone bad already, ask for other opinion around the house.
  • Don’t over-fill your refrigerator. This is a very common mistake that most people make. Overfilling your refrigerator will result to it not working full force. As a matter of fact, your refrigerator needs some space for the circulation of air in order to make sure that the foods inside it are kept smelling nice and fresh. Overfilling your refrigerator can also lead to foods having stale smell.
  • Make it a habit to clean all your work surfaces once you are done using the kitchen. You can even use a disinfectant in cleaning your kitchen’s surface areas in order to prevent the germs and bacteria from breeding and spreading illness in the house.
  • Do not leave the used dishes in the kitchen sink overnight. Your sink is the most contaminated area in your house. Leaving the unwashed dishes in the kitchen sink is extremely not recommended as it can only give harmful results such as breeding of sickness-causing bacteria. No matter how tired you are, you really need to finish that very important chore. In that way, you can be able to sleep more peacefully at night knowing that your dishes are free from rodents and bacteria.
  • Make sure that your plumbing system is working perfectly as leakage on the pipes will cause molds and algae, and can also be a perfect ground for bacteria and germs. If you have any problem with your plumbing system, it is best that you hire the professional service of plombier montréal.
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